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This deviation was deleted

Vision: Your vision on this piece was great, it's a very striking idea and I can totally tell what an amazing vision you had for this.
Originality: There are a lot of vent works centered around this theme, so I gave you half of the fourth star instead of the full one, but generally speaking this is a very original work.
Technique: You've got a start, that's for sure. The main thing that I recommend is practice. It really does wonders. I would suggest that you start by looking at reference pictures of actual cats to get an idea of their proportions and things. One main tip to help you out: A cat's legs aren't just straight. They have joints at which they bend and go forward or backward. Like I said, you should check out some photos to see exactly how it works :)
Impact: The impact of your overall vision is extremely powerful. I think with the right adjustments to technique this could be a very, very strong picture.

Sorry for randomly stalker-critiquing you, I stumbled upon your gallery and have been going through it a bit x3
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